Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lace and Florals

F21 leggings & tops, Asos Casio Watch & rings, Dollhouse Wedges, JCPenny jacket

The weather this entire week has been rainy & the weekend was definitely not an exception. Thankfully each time we had to be outside, it was not pouring. Attended Ish' co-workers son's 1st birthday as well as attend Good Saturday at HG Lodge since my friend Laylo invited us. I'm really glad I decided to wear the outfit I did because I was comfortable the entire day. My new Dollhouse wedges are becoming one of my new favorites going out shoes to wear.


cryskay said...

lovely! i'm a fan of florals and lace and the combination of the 2 on you look great! xx

MAE. said...

Thank you! xoxo