Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Remix Challenge Overview

Just like on my tumblr, I've said many times how horrible I am at finishing challenges especially once that go longer than 10 days. However, this has probably got to be one of my favorite challenges I've done not to mention also the most challenging one. Being limited to only 30 items isn't so difficult the first couple of weeks but after awhile I realized I just ended up throwing random things on or even the same outfits I wore just because of laziness and lack of motivation to be creative. Not being able to shop for 30 days was pretty hard as well, but not as difficult as I was expecting it to be which actually is a great accomplishment for me being how much of a shopaholic I am but for me to know that it CAN be done makes me proud of myself.

Obviously, I was really into this challenge and actually taking pictures of the outfits in the first half, but towards the end I started getting extremely lazy in both dressing up and taking pictures which is why I missed good number of days. There are just days where I don't really care what I'm wearing or feel the urge to dress "cute" - we all have those, even the most fashionable people have lazy days. It is kinda cool to look back at these group of pictures and see how mix and matched some of the same items.

This was a really great challenge & I actually do recommend it for anyone. If you don't have 30 items to choose from, you can always alter the numbers and do less.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog Giveaway Winners.

Today is now May 2. My first blog giveaway contest ended on Saturday and I contacted my contest winners letting them know that they had won the prizes.

If you entered my contests, please make sure to check your email because I've only received a response from my first place winner but not my 2nd. If by the end of the week I have not yet heard from the 2nd place winner I'm sadly going to have to generate a new random number and pick a new winner for those prizes. (When I'm finalized everything and have heard from both my winners I will announce who the winners are!)

On another one, I apologize for my lack of posting on a daily basis. My weekends are usually my busiest days so I hardly ever take the time to really posts anything. I'm hoping to catch up either tonight or the next couple of days. I appreciate everyone who have continued to leave me comments & show me their love.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remix Outfit #29

Today was even more warmer than yesterday. Decided to wear my F21 top as a dress. 
We headed over to Cheeky Cafe to have brunch with our gang of friends and as usual delicious food & great company. If you didn't notice in the picture of Rylan he enjoyed his pb&j sandwich too lol. Afterwards, we headed over to Muang's house & the kids were able to play outside and ride around in Emerie & her neighbors power wheels and cars. 

Nothing better than to watch your kids have a great time playing with each other despite the tantrums with not wanting to share or go back in the house.