Friday, April 1, 2011

Remix Challenge!

So, earlier this evening I was talking to my Sister-in-law (Jackie) about the previous video I did and how I was thinking about the challenge she just finished doing. Then she mentioned a challenge that she had seen someone do and she shared with me the link. So, I went to I Heart This's blog and found what Jackie was talking about and immediately thought it would be such a fun but difficult challenge. The most appealing part about it is, it will actually push me to use more effort and be more creative when getting dressed every day. I've never done a challenge like this before so I'm nervous but very excited. Anyone who has a fashion blog or anyone in general should give this challenge a try. We can all try this challenge together! I wish I had learned about this challenge prior to today so that I could have started today (being that it's April 1st), but it's okay. Tomorrow I plan to go through my closet and chose my items and perhaps start Day 1 as well.

I hope you all join me as I attempt this challenge. If you're planning on trying this challenge and want to know the full set of rules or any questions, check out Kendi's blog. NOW LET'S DO THIS! (:

Another Filipino Tag Game!

Everyone should at least do this one! (:

Here are the questions for the Tag, ready set go!

1. When was the last time you went to the Philippines?
2. What is you favorite filipino dish?
3. Name one filipino household item that best resembles our culture?
4. Do you know how to speak tagalog? If so, say a phrase or two.
5. Which part of the Philippines are you from?

Summer, I'm ready for you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Filipino Tag Game 2nd Edition.

I got this idea from itsjudyslife. Everyone who is Filipino or even if you're not should do it just replace it with your ethnicity (:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Neutrals w/ a Pop of Color

F21 sweater, necklace & jeans, L.A.M.B. purse, Dollhouse wedges, Etsy ring

The family was able to venture out to Greenlake today to have a late lunch at Blu Water which has been one of our favorites spots to go since we started dating back in 2006 - but we haven't been there in awhile so I was happy to finally eat some delicious food. They were also having a special on Mimosa's so why not?!  lol.

I didn't realize how "neutral" the color scheme was of my outfit till I started editing these pictures. I mean I knew it was when I was putting the outfit together which is why I decided to use my L.A.M.B. purse but still.

Anyways, that Ham, Cheese & Bacon on Wheat toast was amazing!

Fashion Haul

I received a comment a little bit ago about doing a haul & after Jess made one a little ago and one of my other friends said I should I said hey why not. It's something almost everyone seems to do at one point. I don't usually spend or buy this much weekly but I felt like going on a mini splurge I guess this weekend after surviving Winter Quarter lol. I'm not sure how often I'll be doing these but I hope you all enjoyed (: