Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remix Outfit #29

Today was even more warmer than yesterday. Decided to wear my F21 top as a dress. 
We headed over to Cheeky Cafe to have brunch with our gang of friends and as usual delicious food & great company. If you didn't notice in the picture of Rylan he enjoyed his pb&j sandwich too lol. Afterwards, we headed over to Muang's house & the kids were able to play outside and ride around in Emerie & her neighbors power wheels and cars. 

Nothing better than to watch your kids have a great time playing with each other despite the tantrums with not wanting to share or go back in the house. 

1 comment:

Angel.S said...

love your top/dress! it's so cute!
When Jaiden saw Rylan's pic, he pointed and said "baayyybeee" lol