Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog Giveaway Winners.

Today is now May 2. My first blog giveaway contest ended on Saturday and I contacted my contest winners letting them know that they had won the prizes.

If you entered my contests, please make sure to check your email because I've only received a response from my first place winner but not my 2nd. If by the end of the week I have not yet heard from the 2nd place winner I'm sadly going to have to generate a new random number and pick a new winner for those prizes. (When I'm finalized everything and have heard from both my winners I will announce who the winners are!)

On another one, I apologize for my lack of posting on a daily basis. My weekends are usually my busiest days so I hardly ever take the time to really posts anything. I'm hoping to catch up either tonight or the next couple of days. I appreciate everyone who have continued to leave me comments & show me their love.


M. said...

totally went MIA during this and missed out. Gr! ;) How are you darlin'? Almost all done with your 30 days!

MAE said...

Awww don't worry mama, there will be more contests and giveaways in the near future!

I've been great, it's actually been nice here in WA so we're all trying to enjoy it since it's rare for these days to come.

I know today is my last day! I can't wait to go shopping again haha. I can't believe I actually lasted this long ;P

I hope you're well too mama, I miss your blogging!

LannetKrystle said...

HI Mae ;) i'm a friend of Chee's. i think we were friends on myspace back in the day lol. just wanted to say hi and hope to see you at the Seattle Meet & Greet ;) please follow my blog, too! take care >Lannet