Thursday, March 3, 2011

New gym/workout shoes

I recently signed up for a membership at LA Fitness, I've torn my room upside trying to look for my New Balance running shoes I bought a couple years ago that I've been using for the gym/working out but can't seem to find them anywhere. They must be hiding in the storage somewhere. With that being said, I figured it was a sign I should just buy a new pair (ha! or just an excuse for me to go shopping for one). I've been looking online at reviews the past couple days and have been asking around and Nike Free Running Shoes seem to be most people's top choice. I decided today that, these would be the next pair of running shoes I'll be buying and hopefully I'll be just as satisfied as 99% of the other Nike Free users. Now, I just have to design what color combo I want. Decisions deicisions.

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