Friday, April 22, 2011

Remix Outfit #20


Must be wondering where Outfit #19 went. I wasn't sure as to how I'd go about the days since although I did wear the something from my 30 items I did not get the chance to take a picture hence why there is a day missing.

Anyways, TGIF! Today was an amazing day despite how worn out my body feels now. With the weather being so beautiful today I decided as I was driving home that I would take my Remix pictures outside while I let Rylan run around and get some Vitamin D. He of course loved it and kept wanting to be in my pictures with me (loves taking pictures like mommy lol). So, I of course did not go to work showing skin, but on my drive home I got really hot and that was my solution of somehow cooling myself off since I didn't want to turn on the AC or roll my windows down completely.

Btw, I hope you guys adore these pictures of Rylan as much as I do <3

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JayMiester said...

i love everything about this post! your outfit your sons outfit! just so perfect! i hope one day to have such a beautiful family like yours.