Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quarter Century Club!

This year, I finally turned 25! I know it's probably not that great big deal to some or maybe even most people but for me it somewhat was. My cousin Jes & I have actually been planning where I wanted to have dinner & the main event for about 2 months now -- the theme didn't pop into my head though till probably a month and a half before the party. The Midnight Masquerade was such a success! I didn't think a lot of people would come wearing masks and most of my girls did, which I really loved!

My booth at PNK Ultra Lounge was cute & just perfect for my party! The thought of turning 25 seems a little sad to me, & it's the first time I think I actually started to feel "old". Many more years & celebrations to come that's for sure. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing group of friends and family by my side, regardless of where my friendships with some of them may be years from now, I will always remember this night! Thank you Lord!


Charlene said...

IT IS SUCH A SMALL WORLD!!!!!!!! I grew up with Pj & Pauline!! Haha

Looks like you had lots of fun!! :)

MAE said...

really?! wow, yeah it is such a small lol that's cool though! (: