Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Euphoria

Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Levi's  cut off high-waisted shorts, Jujubes tank top, Forever21 hat, jacket, necklace, H&M shoulder bag & bracelet

This outfit was the one I decided to wear when I entered It's Judy Time's contest that she's currently still doing in combination with Luuux. Trying to decide what my favorite or best summer look for ItsJudyTime contest was harder than I thought. Though I am drawn to many different styles when it comes to fashion I would have to say my "go to" choices when picking up what I'm going to wear on a nice summer day would have to be a pair of shorts (jean or not) & a nice tank top. Depending on my mood and what I'm doing I'd pair it up with some wedges, platforms or sandals, and then add some accessories here and there to just add a little umph to the look. I chose this as my "go to" only because I feel it is the most versatile as far as what one can do in playing around with styling it. When I'm jut walking around I'm fine with just wearing the wedges but being a mom, there are times where I'm running around and playing with my son, so being able to change quickly into a cute pair of sandals and not completely ruining the outfit is a plus. And curling my hair enough so that it's wavy, I feel gives it an even more relaxed feel overall. 

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