Monday, April 4, 2011

Remix Outfit #2

Mondays are usually my "lazy" days, hence why the effort in dressing cute is almost nonexistence. Also, Ish has been the one taking almost all but one of my outfit pictures so the quality of these pictures are poor. I had a long day with being so exhausted and the current complications I've been having with my eye. After work I had to rush to Woodinville to see a doctor who couldn't really tell me much but that I needed to see an ophthalmologist sometime soon. I'm anticipating for their call to tell me they were able to make an appointment for me. Which also explains why I've been wearing my glasses more than I've ever been.

Anyways, sorry for the boring outfit posts. My creative juices usually don't wake up till around Tuesday, so hopefully tomorrow will be better haha.

P.S. Excuse our messy temporary room... It gets blown up by my 2 year old son lol


Jessica said...

Hope they figure out what's going on with your eye :\ eye doctors scare me... and to think dentists is usually a number one fear for many. The idea of something being wrong with our sight makes me freak out!

Meekay said...

Cute outfit!

MAE said...

Jess - Thanks girl! I know I'm scared they're gonna tell me bad news. I have an appt with an Opthalmologist later today so hopefully they'll be able to fix whatever is going on with my eye /:

Meekay - Thank you!! (:

JayMiester said...

I love your boots!!!! where did you get them?

MAE said...

Jay: I bought them at Charlotte Russe! They also had it in black, not sure if they have them anymore though