Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Remix Outfit #4

My eye is feeling a lot better today (well off and on) which is why I haven't been wearing any makeup. I've realized as I'm sure you guys have also that most of my bottoms are black & the reasoning behind that is because we're not allowed to wear jeans at work which is why I chose to go with different colors and patterns for tops while my bottoms stayed about the same. But at least I added in a skirt into the mix, still not sure when I'm going to be wearing that btw.

Amazingly, the sun shined beautifully today long enough for me to go outside and take these pictures. The sun was deceiving however because it was windy and chilly. I got a lot of compliments from both patients and co-workers about that  green cardigan and it's honestly becoming one of my new favorite cardigans.

Predictions are that we'll have another nice weather tomorrow. We'll see about that, I better go through my 30 items and figure out what I can wear.


M. said...

I love your remixes mama! cardis are my favorite. Beautiful as always and glad your eye is feeling better.

Collections said...

Love that green cardigan the color is so vibrant.

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