Saturday, April 9, 2011

Remix Outfit #7

The sun peaked through off and on despite the prediction of there being rain. I brought my floppy hat because the sun was out when we left the house, but ended up not wearing it coz the sun soon disappeared. Despite the bipolar weather we had, we had a fun family day.

We took a trip to the mall to buy one of my friends a birthday present and it was really hard not to go to my favorite stores and shop for myself. And it's only Day 7, lol. I have 23 days yet to go.

Anyways, after the mall we ate a lunch at Red Robins which was of course a delicious meal. Rylan loves the corn dogs there, or just corn dog in general (:


Roxy said...

I want your necklace, lol <3

Jackie said...

Love this remix outfit and awww look at Rylan!